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Americo Izzo

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Americo Izzo Biography

Americo follows in his father's footsteps by creating bold designs with clean and elegant lines.
Over the past 20 years Americo Izzo has been perfecting the art of jewelry making. Showing artistic promise at a young age for drawing and sculpting, he began an apprenticeship in his family owned jewelry shop at the age of 13. Under the guidance of his father, who emigrated from a small town south of Naples to America 40 years ago, Americo honed the skills of jewelry craftsmanship and adopted the practice of creating unique pieces. Years later, working in the same shop, Americo took over the family business. 
Keeping with the traditions set forth by his father, every piece is made 100% by hand. The process begins by drawing a sketch and carving a wax model. From there the piece takes shape through hours of filing, soldering, milling and polishing. Dedicated to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, Americo creates unique pieces that his clients pass on from generation to generation, just as his father passed on the passion, commitment, and mastery of handmade jewelry.

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