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Mackenzie Law

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Mackenzie Law Biography

 "Objects crafted by careful hands and a patient mind are always lovely. I hope to achieve that in my work"
Mackenzie Law began her career as an illustrator after earning a BFA from Syracuse University; but her eye for detail led her to explore metalsmithing and ultimately fall in love with making jewelry. 
Mackenzie was drawn to the lasting nature and nearly infinite possibilities in metals. After experimenting with wire braids she became fascinated with weaving fabric from metal. With each weave came a new level of understanding about how metal could be used to create patterns and designs similar to fabric. Further research lead her to incorporate French passementerie and Native American basketry techniques, which she adapted and modified to work with wire. 
Mackenzie’s meticulously detailed designs, which are inspired by baskets, textiles, ceramics, and surface patterns from different parts of the world, can be attributed to her formal education as a designer and illustrator. Working only with recycled materials, she chooses metals based on their working properties and color. Stainless steel, which adds structural strength and a lively spring, allows her to create intricate designs that would not be possible in any other metal. It also is an excellent counterpoint to gold and silver. 
Mackenzie thrives on the patience and focused attention required to complete a piece. Although her precise work often leads people to conclude that she uses a machine, she actually only uses a vice and a small mallet. Mackenzie is self-taught, but she honed her skills under goldsmiths Chris Ploof and Ann Cahoon. 
Last year Mackenzie's Ten Story Collar took home third prize in the Palladium Alliance Design Contest. She also was chosen as one of only two recipients of a Scholarship to the 2013 Santa Fe Symposium.

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