Artist Submissions

Hello Artists! We welcome your Submissions.


We welcome all interested jewelry artists to submit their work to our gallery. We are always looking for modern art jewelry handmade by the artist in North America. Our goal is to provide our customers a broad selection of fine art jewelry with a consistent theme to help define the difference between jewelry and art and art and craft. How such jewelry fits into the world of fashion is up to you.

Initially you should provide us with your website and a brief description of your background. If we agree that your work is a good fit we will request more detailed information. Ultimately we would like at least 10-12 images of your jewelry at various price points to reflect the breadth and depth of your work and to give you broad representation in as many categories as possible. We also will need your picture and biography. 

If you believe your work is consistent with the other work in our gallery and meets the above criteria we would love to hear from you. Our gallery uses a drop shipment model. We do not purchase inventory. When a customer makes a purchase we notify you by email and provide you with the appropriate documents to ship the order directly to the customer. You are paid the retail price (less a commission) after the customer receives the jewelry and the return period expires.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or use the email form below. We can be reached at 646-330-4582. 

 John Speaks