Heart Eye Brooch, Contemporary 3D Brooch by David LaPlantz

Heart Eye Brooch

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Round 3D Brooch
1-2 Weeks
David LaPlantz
One of a Kind
Shipping Date:
1-2 Weeks

Heart Eye Brooch, 2" roundos, fabricated from industrially painted aluminum, hydraulically formed, pierced, engraved and cold connected (a similar image, with slight variations, can be made upon request). Option provided to create a necklace from the brooch (see below for details).  

David calls his brooches “cartoonos roundos” because each piece tells a story similar to a cartoon panel in a newspaper. Punched from industrially painted aluminum sheets into 2” diameter circles, each piece begins with a sketch and is completed within two hours to keep the idea fresh and alive. Some brooches tell a clear story while others require words or symbols. David describes the story in words below:

"The eye of the beholder, the eye of your heart - perhaps they are both the same? In your heart of hearts, what do you want most fiercely? Then, the next question is what do you deserve in your life relative to want your heart craves or wants?"

Recently David added the ability to create a necklace from a brooch by clipping the brooch to a rectangular or circular "suspender," which is available in different colors, and attaching to a stainless steel cable chain. Choose whether want brooch only or brooch with suspender (necklace) under style and complete options (enter none if not applicable).

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