Secret Garden Cuff from Morgan Amirani | Argentium Silver and 18 Karat Gold | One-of-a-kind

Secret Garden Cuff

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1-3 Weeks

Explore the secrets of Morgan Amirani's Secret Garden Cuff! A beautiful handcrafted jewelry design meant to inspire, empower, and motivate personal growth, this abstract cuff bracelet resembles a bundle of twigs and tree branches. The contemporary cuff, which is handmade from Argentium Silver and 18 Karat Gold, features fused silver wire that is hand-formed to create an organic and fluid shape. Lightweight and easy to wear! The unique cuff is 2.5" wide and is available in three sizes, small (5.5"), medium (6.0") and large (6.5"). The adjustable chain clasp is 1.5" long. The inside circumference of the cuff is 5.0", but the adjustable clasp enables the cuff to extend to 6.5". 

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