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Carol Salisbury

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Carol Salisbury Biography 

“My work is inspired by childhood memories of my grandmother’s beautiful English garden.”  

Carol Salisbury lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas.  She loves the technical challenges of metal and works daily in her studio located in a peaceful setting of trees and flowering plants.  She received her MFA in metalsmithing from the University of Kansas and her BFA in metalsmithing from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. Through the years she has been the recipient of numerous awards, and her work is held in private collections throughout the country. 

Carol is inspired by childhood memories of her grandmother’s English garden. Over the years she learned to appreciate the technical challenges of metal. As an artist she is driven by compulsiveness, restlessness, and passion.  The elements in her work, which are considered and intentional, embody formality through the use of intricate floral shapes. 

Each unique flower, leaf and branch is cast from a carefully handcrafted wax form without the use of molds. Prior to vermeil plating, she meticulously prepares each piece to create a delicate interplay between gold and silver within the finished work.  She likes to use Argentium sterling silver because it’s both tarnish resistant and brighter than regular sterling.

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