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Catherine Iskiw

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 Catherine Iskiw Biography

“The best designs are often the simplest. If I can achieve elegance in a very clean design then I feel that I have created something special”

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Catherine Iskiw graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Soon thereafter she relocated to New York City. During a ten-year career designing corporate interiors in Manhattan, Catherine returned to an earlier interest in jewelry design as a more personal means of expression. In 1996 she officially launched her jewelry business at the JA Show in New York City.

Catherine’s contemporary jewelry is influenced by her interest in modern design expressed by machine aesthetics. Creating CAD models adds a new level to her design process. Her jewelry lines, which range from platinum, palladium and 18k gold bridal rings to blackened silver fashion jewelry and 3D printing, are inspired by clarity of design and the simplicity of pure geometric forms.  

Catherine has won acclaim as a two time De Beers award winner and a Platinum Guild International honorable mention. Her Parallel Ring, a winner in the Diamonds Today Right Hand Ring competition, continues to gather accolades for its bold contemporary style.

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