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Amy Roper Lyons

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Artist Biography and Enamel Jewelry Collection from Award Winning Jewelry Artist Amy Roper Lyons

Amy Roper Lyons Biography

Amy Roper Lyons is a studio jeweler and enamelist. Her work is concerned with the marvelous variety of form and color found in the natural world. Inspired by her garden and long walks along the seashore near her home, she creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in high-karat gold, enamels, and gemstones. Pieces are hand fabricated out of gold and enamels, which are colored glass powders applied in thin layers and fired in a furnace.
Lyons recently spent a year living by the sea coast in Ireland. Long walks along the shore, peering into tidal pools, sparked her current series about marine life. Her aim is to share her enchantment with these graceful creatures, and allow the viewer to see them in a new light.
Lyons' award-winning jewelry has been published in magazines and books such as 500 Enameled Objects, Ornament, Art Jewelry Magazine, and Jewelry Artist. Lyons' jewelry is exhibited nationally at museums, galleries and craft shows. Lyons has taught jewelry and enameling at the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, the Newark Museum, and Peters Valley Craft Center. She received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

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