Aspiring Spiral Visions Brooch, Contemporary 3D Brooch by David LaPlantz

Aspiring Spiral Visions Brooch

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One of a Kind

David LaPlantz’s unique Aspiring Spiral Visions Brooch is punched from an industrially painted aluminum sheet into a 2” diameter circle and hydraulically formed, pierced, engraved, and cold connected. Like all of his pins exclusively at Artners Gallery, David begins with a sketch and completes the piece within two hours to keep the idea fresh and alive. ⁠His brooches are called “cartoonos roundos” because each brooch tells a story similar to a cartoon panel in a newspaper. In this case his brooch is proclaiming that it is time for a change: “To aspire, a magic description, an elevating set of platforms or steps to traverse today. It's a great time to change the game, the rules and be challenged rather than abide by and with the old tattered, worn-out scripts. Forward Yolanda!!!! I can see you; can you see me?" Great for men as well as women!