Black Rhodium and Gold Cuff Bracelet by Maria Glezelli | 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Black Rhodium Plating

Black Rhodium and Gold Cuff Bracelet

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Limited Edition

Meticulously crafted by hand from Sterling Silver plated with Black Rhodium and 18 Karat Yellow Gold, Maria Glezelli's Black Rhodium and Gold Cuff Bracelet features two bands of contrasting colors illustrating the striking balance between gold and black. The unique bracelet, which is approximately 2.0 inches wide and 7.0 inches long, fastens securely with a ring clasp. Flawlessly encircling the wrist, the elaborate design combines effortless luxury and unpredictable allure. Also available in Sterling Silver plated with Black Rhodium and Platinum. 

While all of Maria’s designs may be replicated, they won’t be exactly the same because of the traditional Greek knitting technique she employs.