Curl Earrings from Nancy Linkin | Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Bimetal | Anticlastic Raising

Curl Earrings

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Nancy Linkin uses the anticlastic raising technique to create her fine art jewelry. Flat patterns are cut from sheets of gold and silver and hammered systematically over specialized tools. The final form is filed, sanded, and buffed to a high polish which accentuates the sculptural lines. Her contemporary Curl Earrings, which are handmade from Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Bimetal, are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her Maine studio. The unique earrings come in two sizes and offer a stylish contemporary look. The small size has a 1” diameter and is 0.75” wide. The medium size has a 1.25” diameter and is 0.88” wide.