Aneta Zae's Drama Hourglass Queen Pendant | 18 Karat Yellow Gold Granulation | Tourmalines and Sapphires | Rhodium Plated Silver Accents and Chain | Art Jewelry

Drama Hourglass Queen Pendant

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According to Aneta Zae, nature is the ultimate inspiration. Its beauty is mystical and playful, audacious and full of spirit. Her contemporary Drama Hourglass Queen Pendant, which certainly is full of spirit, is handmade from Argentium Silver and features two Tourmaline center stones. The artistic pendant, which is 40.37 mm long and 20.97 mm wide, is accented with Sri Lanka Sapphires and 18 Karat Yellow Gold Granulation and presented on an 18 inch long silver chain. The chain and parts of the pendant are oxidized. In order to improve tarnish resistance, the silver is Rhodium plated.