Gold Pangolin Bracelet by Samantha Freeman | 24 Karat Gold Vermeil | Gemstones

Gold Pangolin Bracelet

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4-6 Weeks

Samantha Freeman’s signature Gold Pangolin Bracelet from her Planal Line collection is inspired by the scales found on pangolins (also known as scaly anteaters). The contemporary bracelet is handmade from 22 Karat gold vermeil (sterling silver coated with a thin layer of 22 Karat gold) with 2.0-2.5 mm amethyst, peridot, blue topaz, citrine, rhodolite garnet and cubic zirconia scattered on the surface. The unique three-dimensional bracelet, which has an easy to use magnetic clasp handmade by the artist, is 0.625 inches wide and comes in three sizes: small (6.5 inches), medium (7.0 inches) and large (7.5 inches).