Heart 5 Pendant | Argentium, Sterling Silver, Keum-boo Gold | Ruby Bead and 18 Karat Gold Bead | Contemporary Jewelry by Morgan Amirani

Heart 5 Pendant

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Morgan Amirani believes that her experience as an interior designer gives her a greater understanding of shape, form, and the juxtaposition of different materials. Her contemporary Heart 5 Pendant, which features a 4 mm Ruby Bead and an 18 Karat Gold Bead on the chain, is hand forged and fused from Sterling Silver and Keum-boo Gold. The modern pendant is 1.75" long and 0.75" wide and is presented on an Argentium Silver chain adjustable up to 23.5". The clasp is handcrafted. Morgan donates a portion of your purchase to support and empower young women in her community.