Partial Sun Burst Brooch, Contemporary 3D Brooch by David LaPlantz

Partial Sun Burst Brooch

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Partial Sun Burst - Brooch
1 Week
One of a Kind

David LaPlantz’s artistic brooches are punched from industrially painted aluminum sheets into 2” diameter circles. Each piece begins with a sketch and is hydraulically formed, pierced, engraved and cold connected. Some brooches tell a clear story while others require words or symbols. His unique Partial Sun Burst Brooch is a manifestation of his plea: "Whether complete or a partial, the sun burst of love shines with a warmth that illuminates the heart and soul in ways that transcend the logic of this temporal existence. Please let love's sun burst be ever bursting! David’s contemporary brooches are wonderful to collect and are great for men or women! (although each piece is unique, a similar image, with slight variations, can be made upon request).