Red Black/Mesh Brooch, Contemporary 3D Brooch by David LaPlantz

Red Black/Mesh Brooch

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Red Black/Mesh - Brooch
1 Week
One of a Kind

Red Black/Mesh Brooch, 2" Round, Fabricated from from Industrially Painted Aluminum & Fabric Mesh, Sterling Silver Rivets, Hydraulically Formed, Pierced and Cold Connected (a similar image, with slight variations, can be made upon request).

David calls his brooches “cartoonos roundos” because each piece tells a story similar to a cartoon panel in a newspaper. Punched from industrially painted aluminum sheets into 2” diameter circles, each piece begins with a sketch and is completed within two hours to keep the idea fresh and alive. Some brooches tell a clear story while others require words or symbols. David describes the story in words below:

"Red told Black, "Let's merge and show the Blanko that such a simple action can take place with positive results." Black replied, "Amen!" "