Tri-Color Twig Bracelets, Handmade Art Jewelry by Christine Mackellar | 18 Karat Gold Bimetal, Sterling Silver and Oxidized Sterling Silver

Tri-Color Twig Bracelet Group

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Fascinated with repetition in the natural world, Christine Mackellar plays with iterations of shape and dimensional forms. Her contemporary Tri-Color Twig Bracelets are handmade from 18 Karat Gold Bimetal, Sterling Silver, and Oxidized Sterling Silver. An important feature is the fine leaf-like vein texture Christine applies to the surface with hammers, engraving tools, and a rolling mill. Twists open at the clasp. With an interior circumference of 7", these modern bracelets will comfortably fit a 6.5" wrist and can be worn on any occasion. Sold individually or as a group.

From Top to Bottom

CMA004BT – 18 Karat Gold Bimetal with three cube Diamonds (approx 1.5 Carats total weight) set in 18 Karat Gold

CMA005BM -- Oxidized Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver with 18 Karat Gold and 14 Karat Gold granule beads

CMA006BB -- Sterling Silver with a simple circles clasp