Yellow Gold Double Ring Pendant by Maria Glezelli | Sterling Silver Plated with Black Rhodium and 18 Karat Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold Double Ring Pendant

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Limited Edition

Maria Glezelli's Bonds of Love Collection is a tribute to the power women have when they come together. According to Maria, connections to friends, family and sisters are what matter most in life, and women know how to preserve those bonds forever. Handcrafted from 18 Karat Yellow Gold Vermeil, her versatile Yellow Gold Double Ring Pendant can be worn several ways. Wear it as a pendant, or solo with just one ring on the chain while the other ring beautifully accents the hand; or gift one ring to a beloved friend to always remember your bonds. The unique pendant includes an 18 Karat Yellow Gold Vermeil chain that can be adjusted from 24 to 28 inches.

While all of Maria’s designs may be replicated, they won’t be exactly the same because of the traditional Greek knitting technique she employs.