Jemlochs Earrings V2, Modern Jewelry by Samantha Freeman

Bubble Jemloch Earrings

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Bubble Jemloch Earrings
2 Weeks

Samantha Freeman's contemporary jewelry is a synthesis of nature and high tech. Her unique Bubble Jemloch Earrings, which are 1 1/2 H x 0.5″ W, 1.0″ D, feature an 18 Karat yellow gold vermeil sphere (sterling silver coated with a thin layer of 14 Karat yellow gold) floating below a larger oxidized sterling silver sphere connected by a 14 Karat white gold wire. The smaller gold sphere may be removed and reattached to secure the earring after it is slipped through the ear. Samantha’s innovative design is part of her trademarked Jemloch (TM) collection.