Jemloch Day Earrings handmade by Samantha Freeman | Amethyst and Pink Pearl | Modern Art Jewelry

Jemloch Day Earrings

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2 Weeks

Samantha Freeman's contemporary jewelry is a synthesis of nature and high tech. Her unique Jemloch Day Earrings from her trademarked Jemlochs (TM) Collection feature a 8 mm amethyst connected by a 14 Karat yellow gold wire to a pink pearl. The revolutionary design allows for the pearl to be removed and subsequently reattached to secure the earring after it is inserted through the ear. These modern earrings, which are 1.25 “ L x 0.26” W by 1.0 “ D, could not be more stylish or practical. Also available with a citrine or peridot connected to a peach pearl or a blue topaz connected to a white pearl.