Disc Flourishing Studs from Liaung Chung Yen | Sterling Silver with 22 Karat Gold Bimetal and 18 Karat Gold beaded wire

Disc Flourishing Suds

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As is traditional in Chinese painting, Liaung Chung Yen sees his work as an expression of the mind as well as small sculptures documenting the time and emotion in which we live. His contemporary Disc Flourishing Studs are handmade from white finished Sterling Silver and flourishing bud-like elements created from two domed circles of 22 Karat Gold Bimetal soldered together. The bud-like elements, which are are loosely connected to the surface with 18 Karat Gold beaded wire, gently move with the wearer. The inventive earrings are 0.75” x 0.75” x 0.50” and have Sterling Silver posts (in the center) and nuts. The pattern on the surface is chased and pierced.