Kiss the Skin Cuff from Morgan Amirani | Argentium Silver and Citrine

Kiss the Skin Cuff

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1-3 Weeks

Morgan Amirani's modern Kiss the Skin Cuff is handmade from Argentium Silver. This unique statement piece with cut-outs allows the skin to blend in with the jewelry, creating a strong look. While different from one another, each cuff is created with loving care using traditional etching techniques to create eye-catching designs that conjure up your own interpretations of the stories your pieces could tell. Every piece begins as a flat sheet of sterling silver that is skillfully etched, formed, soldered, and set to make a timeless creation. Fun, edgy, and unique just like you! This contemporary cuff is 1.75" wide and comes in three sizes: small (5.5"), medium (6.0") and large (6.5"). See our blog post to determine how to measure your cuff size (medium is currently in stock).