Hand-Woven Modern Art Jewelry from Beth Farber | Pink Tourmaline and 14 Karat Gold Beads | 18 Karat Gold S-Clasp

Mauve Pearl Necklace

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3-5 Days
One of a kind

Beth Farber’s contemporary jewelry melds to the shape of a wrist or drapes around a neck, retaining its original form but influenced by the individual contours of the wearer. Each piece comes alive as a result, moving with a woman’s body and adapting to her kinetic energy. The spectacularly luminous, natural-color mauve freshwater pearls (3/8" to 1/2") are the highlight of her one-of-a-kind Mauve Pearl Necklace. The double strand, which is 16” long and 1.5” wide, is hand-woven together with Pink Tourmaline and 14 Karat Gold Beads. The S-clasp closure is 18 Karat gold. Mauve Pearl Earrings also available. Please call for pricing.