Paralell Weave Bronze Bracelet, Contemporary Jewelry by Nancy Linkin

Parallel Weave Bronze Bracelet

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Nancy Linkin’s fascination with natural forms began in childhood, as did her attraction to non-ferrous metals and metalsmithing. Throughout her career she practiced a type metalsmithing know as anticlastic raising to sculpt jewelry from flat sheets of Silver and 18 Karat Gold or Bronze. Her handmade Parallel Weave Bronze Bracelet has a 1.0” opening. All cuffs have a standard 6.5” inside circumference unless another size is requested. Please see our blog post to determine your size.

(Nancy Linkin passed away after a long fight with breast cancer in June 2019. In accordance with her wishes, Luke Sunde, her longtime friend and employee, and Liz Allen are continuing to produce her designs so that others may be inspired by the natural forms and fluid grace of her sculptural jewelry.)