Double Circle Earrings | Argentium Silver and Oxidized Argentium Silver with Fine Silver Wire | Contemporary Jewelry Suzanne Schwartz

Double Circle Earrings

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Suzanne Schwartz stitches with gold or silver wire on metal shapes, giving her work three dimensions while honoring the basic design of each piece. For her contemporary Double Circle Earrings, she created two slightly overlapping circles. The bright Argentium Silver circle on top dramatically contrasts with the Oxidized Argentium Silver circle on the bottom. These contemporary earrings are stitched in contrasting colors of Fine Silver and form two separate earrings by removing the lower circle to create a simple post earring. The unique earrings have Sterling Silver posts and are 1.4" long. Also available with an Oxidized Argentium Silver top and a bright Argentium Silver bottom, a 22 Karat Gold Bimetal top and an Oxidized Argentium Silver bottom, and an Oxidized Argentium Silver top and a 22 Karat Gold Bimetal bottom.